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How to find the right dress for you Lolita needs!

The most classical Lolita styles are: Sweet, Gothic and Boystyle. They contain the fundamental pieces that are needed to create any Lolita look. These styles are considered the original attire of today's growing and adapted types of Lolita costume styles.

A Sweet Lolita girl is someone who can be defined as doll-like and angelic in appearance. Her appeal is approachable, very cute, as is portrayed in her clothes, hair and makeup. Bright, happy colors are predominant in a Sweet Lolita girl. Seeing girls together dressed as Lolita girls is like looking at a happy painting.


A Gothic Lolita girl loves her dark colors. She is not afraid to wear them and unapologetic for wearing just one color. Girls who wear this style are instantly recognizable. Their Gothicfashion is still within the Lolita style, and this is because the shape of the dress does not change. Materials used for the dresses are usually velvet or velveteen to add that most important feel to a GothicLolita girl style.


Boystyle is the prince-style amongst all of the Lolita Girl styles. The outfit consists of inspirations from old worlds combined with the new. The younger version of this Lolita style is adorable, childlike and doll-like, much like the Sweet Lolita girl. The more mature version resembles a decently dressed gentleman or an Aristocrat. Accessories may change a little or vary accordingly.

Here is an overview of the most popular Lolitain dresses; each with their distinctive style, high-quality clothing that are sure to satisfy your need for Lolita costume style:

Sweet Lolita

Probably the most recognizable Lolita girl. She is sweet, dazzling and oozing with cuteness. Her personality is youthful and almost doll-like. Her dresses are bright, fresh and very girly. She loves clothes that are ultra feminine; blouses, skirts and frills are part of a Sweet Lolita girl.

Classical Lolita

If you love history and would love to feel elegant, refined and more mature, the dresses from the ClassicalLolita selection will help you express your inner aristocrat. A Classical Lolita girl focuses more on elegance and is considered the older sister to Sweet Lolita girl. Dresses in this category are done in classical cuts, floral patterns, skirts in A-line, and muted colors.


Gothic Lolita

A Lolita girl need not be always sweet and cute. Solid, darker colors dominate the Gothic Lolita style. Considered as the most popular of the Lolita types, the Gothic Lolita girl can be as creative as she wants, both with her clothing and makeup. Inspired by her own desires, a Gothic Lolita girl is free to express herself as she wants.

Punk Lolita

Do you love tartan and plaid skirts? Maybe you love adding chains as accessories. If yes, then you are not afraid to be different. You are rebellious by nature and you express that through your clothes as a Punk Lolita girl. You are confident in your style and everyone can see it!

Princess Lolita

Need we say more? A Princess Lolita loves to have it all! Tiaras, lacey gloves and amazing gowns with decorated sleeves that are layered with frills, ribbons, detailed with eye-catching embroidery and so many colors to choose from! You'll feel your best on your special day wearing one of the dresses from the Princess selection.


Prince Lolita

Referred to as the more masculine variant to the Lolita girl, boystyle in Lolita world showcases the variety of exciting ways to transform yourself into a prince. Inspired by the Victorian era, the wardrobe consists of knee-length pants or bloomers matched with a blouse, knee-length socks and accessorised with a top hat and cane.

Chinese Lolita

The dresses from the Chinese Lolita line are beautiful and elegant. The details are graceful and equally lovely like the traditional Lolita girl dresses. Most visible is probably the use of bowknot and Mandarin collar. Dresses come in either sleeveless or different length of sleeves. The Chinese style Lolita dress features colors from the Orient and decorative prints that evoke the beauty and uniqueness of China.


Specific Style of Dresses from Lolitain.com

Solemn and Elegant Palace Style Stage Costume Champagne or Red Lolita Prom Dress

You want to make an entrance, and you know you will be the Lolita girl of the ball! Your presence will leave a lasting impression even after you have gone home. This Victorian inspired prom dress is full of beautiful details; delicate sequence, embroidery, full skirt and gentle sleeves. Femininity, beauty and mystery all enraptured in one Lolita costume style dress. A must-have indeed!

Chinese Style Kirin Printing Dark Blue Qi Lolita Short Sleeve Dress

This Chinese style short dress is a cross between the elegance of the Orient and playfulness of a Lolita girl as is shown with the corset back. You want to be taken seriously but also, that you have a fun side! The print on this dress is a cheerful addition. The dark blue color together with the light blue details come together in a beautiful one piece.


Cheongsam Style Embroidery Lolita Dress

The beauty and simplicity of this dress is not to be understated! Elegant in black, a Lolita girl who is just starting out to explore the Lolita world will feel graceful in this classic style. The East Asian Dragon in gold is the main attraction on a backdrop of fine embroidery. This charming, elegant dress is one of our Chinese Style Lolita.

Beauty the Rose Series Gothic Lolita Bloomers

Sometimes it is nice to change it up a little with dressing up in Lolita costumes styles. We suggest our Boystyle bloomers. Our stylish bloomers can be added to any costume or worn on its own. Our Beauty the Rose Series Gothic Lolita Bloomers come in grey and purple. Delicate details around the pocket with an exposed gold button for that Gothic Lolita girl look.


Alice Girl Lolita Chandelier Handle Lace Ruffled Open Jsk Sling Dress

This dress is about the feminine details! The more accessories you add the more you complete the look of an Alice Lolita girl. The sweet, gentle nature of this Lolita costume style is a definite hit with Lolita girls or anyone who wants to add this to their wardrobe. The neutral colors come alive with pops of colors that compliment each other. It comes in four different colors and are made of jacquard fabric.


Don you like the Lolita styles?  Have a nice day

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  1. Hermosos vestidos me gustan el gótico y el chino. Te mando un beso

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  3. A mi hija Irene le gusta este estilo.

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