junio 19, 2019

Choosing right Lace Front Wig for You

Hi!! Are you thinking in change your look? For those considering investing in pre bonded hair extensions or a set of clip in hair extensions take a look at the ways that you can change your look with extensions to really transform your hair. Whether you're a hair extensions fan already or someone who is curious to see what they can do for your hair, at Additional Lengths, you can find some fabulous products which will make your decision easy!

From short to long

Depending on the length of your natural hair, you can begin a rather extreme transformation by having hair extensions installed into short haircuts for beautiful long locks. The Remi Cachet hair extensions are perfect for getting those luxurious waves or silky straight tresses you might long for if you've had a shorter haircut for a while. There's no need to wait for your hair to grow out to enjoy longer hair! The range of Remi Cachet human hair extensions are gorgeous, with so many natural shades to choose from and colour match with. Ladies with short hair can have pre bonded extensions attached (there should be a minimum length of a few inches to allow the bonds to have a secure hold on the hair) as a way to grow out their cropped hairstyle.

For something that requires a little less commitment, clip in hair extensions can be a short haired girl's best friend when it comes to changing up hairstyles for a special occasion.

Experiment with ombre or root stretch

Sometimes we spot a particular celebrity hairstyle in a magazine or on Instagram and wonder if we'd be able to rock the same look, before ending the daydream and moving on. But the beauty of hair extensions, and in particular clip in hair extensions, you're free to embrace brand new looks. The popular ombre hair dye look, or root stretch, takes the hair from a darker shade into a gradual lighter shade toward the mid-lengths and ends. If you've been considering making the move with lightening the ends of your hair, then experimenting with clip in human hair extensions that already have that style dyed may be perfect for you!

Opt for special ombre hair extensions from the ombre, dip dye and root stretch collection from Remi Cachet that have a root colour in the same shade as your own colour for a more natural appearance before blending the hair together. From dark ash brown blending into natural ash blonde to a subtle change with darkest brown to medium chestnut brown, there's a stunning blend of hair shades on offer available in the ombre hair look.

Boost the volume

Take inspiration from celebrities on the red carpet by utilising hair extensions for their volume boost. Those with thinning or natural brazilian hair can enjoy an injection of thickness and volume in their tresses by selecting high quality, clip-in human hair extensions which can be styled with heated hair tools to get luxuriously long waves.

To get the desired volume, we would recommend opting for clip in hair extensions with multiple pieces so that volume can be directed exactly where you needed. Secure your human hair extensions around the crown for a subtle lift at the roots and use a curling wand to create bouncy waves, blending the hair together as you go. You can even use clip in hair extensions to create a retro beehive look!

Trial a fringe

Great way to change your look with hair extensions is to test out a fringe. If you're in two minds whether to go for the chop and get some bangs, then special clip in fringes can give you a preview of what type of fringe to go for. Select a clip in fringe in your hair colour and attach securely, before sweeping to the side for a sleek side fringe or styling it as a blunt fringe. Zero commitment and you don't have to wait months for the hair to grow out – a clip in fringe can also be cut by a stylist to have it tweaked to suit your face shape.

What do you think about the extension option, have you ever thought about it?
I see you in my next post

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  1. Very interesting!!
    I would like to do with clip in my hair extension :)

  2. Hola.
    Pues no tienen mala pinta aunque no soy yo mucho de extensiones, pero como dices para una foto de instagram o un cambio de look para no ir siempre igual meparece genial.
    Muy feliz día.

    1. Para un cambio del que no estás muy segura puede ser una estupenda alternativa o cuando te has decidido por un corte radical y luego te arrepientes. Un beso

  3. Yo no soy de extensiones pero si me parecen interesantes para cambios puntuales o algo así. bsts

  4. Yo nunca use este tipo de productos, pero me llaman la atencion. Besos

  5. Yo tengo el pelo largo. Ahora, gracias a Dios, y después de un largo tratamiento, creo que bastante recuperado; aunque me parece algo muy útil también para dar volumen.
    Un besito

  6. estupendo post ! Espero verte pronto por mi blog! Buen día!

  7. Hola Asunción,

    Gracias por las ideas, las pelucas y extensiones me encantan porque nos cambian de forma increíble en segundos, y sobre todo para las que nos dedicamos al maquillaje nos van de maravilla.

    ¡Muchas gracias por compartirlo con nosotras y un besazo enorme! :D

  8. Usé extensiones en el pasado, de un tono menos que mi cabello, y sólo para darle "mechas". La verdad me gustaban, eran fáciles de poner y quitar. Pero por supuesto, siempre lo mejor, que sean naturales.

  9. Me gustaría probar estas alternativas para variar mi look de vez en cuando...sería interesante :)
    Espero tu opinión en mi último post, besitos!


Cuéntame que te ha parecido la entrada, me encanta leer todas vuestras opiniones, todas ayudan a que mi blog madure y vaya mejorando.
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